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July 2011′s Inbox

18 July 2011

See what readers have to say about May's issue!

I’m highly impressed by the latest issue of Challenge, it quite exceeded my expectations (: The articles are very engaging, can’t wait to read them. Kudos to the team! KEEP IT UP!
Ang Mien Li, MTI

The trends articles were thought- provoking and the pictures really caught my eye. I especially liked the piece on ageing. Looking forward to the next issue.
Sasmira Adul Rahim, MCYS

I enjoyed the richness and breadth of content in the latest issue of Challenge, in particular the “12 Trends”. But I found the break after the eighth trend abrupt: it broke my reading momentum and I couldn’t discern any good reason for having that break there.
Francis Ng, MinLaw

Challenge just keeps getting better and better.
The writing is snappy and the topics are at times thought-provoking. But I do have one complaint: now that you’ve written about the quiet out- of-the-way cafes, the entire Public Service will be descending upon those places!
Ang Siok Hui, MTI

I was looking at the most recent issue of Challenge Magazine, and was really pleased to see an entire section on going green!
Diana Ng, MEWR

I really liked the latest edition of Challenge! It’s very hip and refreshing, as well as informative.
Grace Tham, MOE

GOOD JOB on your work in Challenge magazine – I am an avid reader of your publication.
Joshua Lau, MICA

My colleagues and I are very impressed by the May/June issue. It’s so important for us to understand the issues Singapore will be facing so neatly packaged in your magazine. We’re planning to generate lessons from the articles for our graduating English Language classes.Thank you for your work of heart. It’s obvious the amount of care and diligence that must have gone into the creation of this issue.
Mrs Shanthi Linges, CHIJ Katong Convent

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