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The Civil Servant’s Prayer

05 January 2012

Like good public officers, we thumbed through Pioneers Once More (remember the book?) and found this gem of a poem that was screaming to be shared. Written by an anonymous contributor, the tongue-in-cheek poem was published in a civil service newsletter in 1960. We think it could still work today.

O Thou, who seest all things below
Grant that Thy servants may go slow
That they may study to comply
With regulations till they die

Teach us O Lord to reverence
Committees more than common sense
Impress our minds to make no plan
But pass the baby when we can
And when the Tempter seems to give
Us feelings of initiative
Or when alone we go too far,
Chastise us with a Circular.

'Mid war and tumult, fire and storms
Strengthen us we pray with forms
Thus will Thy servants ever be
A flock of perfect sheep for Thee.

~ By unknown contributor in 1960 in a Civil Service newsletter

Source: Pioneers Once More

Share the poem or turn to page 46 of Pioneers Once More if you have it.

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