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Trivia Quiz May 2012

14 May 2012

Submit your answers using the form below by JUNE 15, 2012

All winners will be notified by email.

  1. The three core values of the Singapore Public Service are ________, ________ and ________.
  2. The ________ is the organ of state that serves as the independent custodian of the integrity and values of the Singapore Civil Service.
  3. Public Service Week (PSW) starts on the ________ Monday of May every year and lasts for the entire week.
  4. Public officers recite the ________ during the Public Service Observance Ceremony to serve our nation and our people.
  5. Singapore occupies ________ place in the Corruption Perceptions Index 2011 published by Transparency International
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Congratulations to the winners of the March/April 2012 Trivia Quiz!

  • Elaine Goh, NHCS
  • Muhamadnoh Wandy, LTA
  • Angie Yeo, DOS
  • Jasmine Ho, NHCS
  • Amanda Ho, DOS
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