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May – June 2012
  • Feature

  • Star Power

    These officers – nominees of the PS21 Star Service Award 2012 – are living, breathing examples of public officers who use their hearts and hands to deliver sterling service.

  • Do You Remember When Policemen Wore Shorts?

    Now you can share such recollections with the Singapore Memory Project

  • More Than Just Old School Memories

    Ryandall Lim revists his days of yore at the National Archives of Singapore and learns the value of preserving the past for the future.


Cooking Up A Storm

Cooking Up A Storm

Has going the extra mile become such a part and parcel of our Public Service culture that it’s so easy to take it for granted?


  • Money Money Money

    Pull Out

    Money Money Money

    Don’t wait for an economic downturn to get smart about money. Grab this pullout if you want to make your dollar last longer. Learn how to make a $1 meal and where to find the best buys online.

  • Public Officer

    The Irreverent Last Page

    Public Officer

    We couldn’t resist coming up with a version of the “What I really do” Internet meme. Do you agree?