Better Together

Text by Shaun Khiu

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Collaboration could be the new innovation, according to a report by the Harvard Business Review on the trend of companies forming “industrial mash-ups” to capitalise on their combined strengths.

Likewise, in order to meet the complex and evolving needs of society, collaboration is imperative for the Public Service. In our cover story, “Aligning to Work as One”, Challenge looks at some public agencies that have come together to create solutions that help them better deliver services to our citizens.

In “Futures Beasts and Where to Find Them”, we go on the hunt for the rare beasts that futurists ponder about and learn the difference between a “red swan” and a “black elephant”.

Speaking of rare, read our interview with Gaurav Keerthi, a Singapore Air Force pilot who is also a debate coach and savvy coder with a passion for debunking myths in a fun and engaging way (see “Bursting Filter Bubbles”).

If you’ve always thought of engineers as mild-mannered, bespectacled folks with an aversion to risk, Professor Lui Pao Chuen will prove you wrong. In A Cuppa With, the former Chief Defence Scientist and now Advisor to the Ministry of National Development regales us with tales of near-death experiences and thoughts on the future of engineering in the Public Service.

Our Public Service has also made a strong impact abroad. Find out how a cross-agency committee has helped to develop a region in India nearly 12 times the size of Singapore (see “Why did Indian officials tell Singapore: “You’re part of us now”?”), and how officers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stationed in Ankara, Turkey, helped to ensure the safety of Singaporeans there during the attempted coup in 2016 (see “Working Under Siege to Bring Singaporeans to Safety”).

This issue also marks the final print issue for the year as we gear up for a new quarterly format, which will begin next February. However, you don’t have to wait till then to get your next Challenge fix! We’ll be regularly publishing stories from the February 2018 issue on Challenge Online from November, so check in often for updates.

Happy reading!

Shaun Khiu

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