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I always look forward to reading Challenge, whether online or in print. It is well conceptualised, and the entire magazine manages to straddle between fun, light-hearted humour and thoughtful, op-ed pieces. It makes me feel proud to be part of the Public Service. Thank you for all that you do!

Genevieve Wong, MOE

I am a great fan of Challenge! The copies are located near the gym at Revenue House at Level 5. I would make the effort to drop by to have a peek to see if the magazine stands are updated. I applaud the effort you have taken to make it reader-friendly, interesting (with new insights) and funny. Keep it going! Looking forward to the e-version, or is there already one?

Joycelin Teo, IRAS

Ed’s note: PDF copies of Challenge are available for download at


Dining goes hi-tech

Uptown, Downtown

A primer to decentralisation, or moving business hubs away from Singapore’s city centre. 

Cultural Chic

How to flaunt Eastern prints and motifs in your fashion choices. 

Engineered Eats

From automated machines to analysing food texture, take a look at how dining is going high-tech.

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