Sept 2017 Inbox

Your views on Challenge.

Challenge Jul/Aug 2017 issue

I’d like to thank the team for sending copies of Challenge out to us on a regular basis. I always enjoy receiving them. Though I do not read every article, I enjoy some of the contents and especially the design. Thank you!  
Poo Chooi Yee, Nanyang Polytechnic

I’m a member of the public who chanced upon your magazine. I enjoyed reading it as I found the content to be both informative and engaging. It also gives me – someone who doesn’t work in the Public Service – insight into the work that you guys do. Keep it up!   
Eleanor Oh



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From urban design to laws, find out how accessible and inclusive Singapore is for the differently abled with this infographic.

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3D-printed fashion, wearable technology and new textile printing techniques – learn about the intersection of fashion and technology in Singapore.

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Other than reading food reviews, here are all the ways to experience, taste and celebrate the diversity of food Singapore has to offer.

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