Trivia Quiz Sept 2017



Which of the following animals represents this scenario: “A problem that happens or builds up so slowly that it is only noticed after it is too late.”

Which of the following describes why Dr Koh Tat Suan feels his work at the Lifelong Learning Institute is ideal for him?

How long had Mr Jeremy Low and Ms Priscilla Chang been based in Turkey when the July 2016 coup attempt occurred?

Which of the following statements best reflects Professor Lui Pao Chuen’s belief about what we can learn from failure?

Which of the following does not describe the benefits of 3D-printed food?

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Congratulations to the winners of the Jul/Aug 2017 Trivia Quiz

  • Toh Hoon Sin (SEAB)
  • Tay Poh Choo (MFA)
  • Vanessa Oh (MTI)
  • Annie Choy (NEA)
  • Cindy Tan (MOE)
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